Keto diet

Compose an exercise science related opinion paper. The paper must
include at least one opposing viewpoint and five sources from a reference book or scholarly
Forming an opinion or argument (choose one approach):
Take a stance: be for or against something. For example, “Crossfit should be recognized
as a collegiate sport…”
Argue the pros or cons of an issue. For example, “Flexible dieting helps people lose
weight by…”
Argue what should be done about an issue. For example,” the government should do
more to lower healthcare costs by….”
Choosing pro/con sources: what to look for in a good pro/con source: (internet database tutorial)
Date: if you are looking for recent facts and statistics, your source of information should
be current. Ideally, no information from prior to 2010 should be used.
Biases: Is this a reliable source of information? What is the agenda of the author? What
is the agenda of the publisher?
Level of Scholarship: The strength of your argument is determined by the strength of
your sources.
For this assignment you will need to:
Choose a controversial issue.
Form an opinion or argument concerning your topic.

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