key social work values/ethics

State the 3 key social work values/ethics that are identified in the text as primary in working with children and families. Explain what the social worker’s key role is for each one.

Summarize the critical issues noted in the textbook facing children and families and cite at least 2 statistics on current numbers of children abused and neglected. Go to the Resource section under Activities and click on the link provided for Child Abuse Statistics for statistical findings. Highlight some key points that you did not know before.

Watch the video entitled; “Life As A Case Manager”and “Being a Caseworker”. Highlight and describe the significant aspects stated by the case managers in working for child protection services and what are the main skills needed in doing this job.

Watch the video entitled: “ReMoved”. Write about the specific dynamics you observed in the video and key behaviors seen from the child removed. Identify the difference between what the child sees and what case workers see in these situations. Name some ways case workers could make removal much more positive and less stressful for children.

Sample Solution