Write a paper on the Kingdom of God as the “big picture” or the “storyline” of the Bible (title page and References page[s] are not included in the page count). Make sure to include the definition for the Kingdom of God and to trace the development of the Kingdom of God in Scripture. Use the Bible, God’s Big Picture (by Vaughan Roberts) and “The Kingdom of God” (by M. Jeff Brannon) as sources for the paper. Be careful not to copy the words of these sources unless you quote and cite them. You can also draw from the course videos and study guides. You should not use any sources except for the ones listed above. Do not use the internet or any other outside sources – only use the Bible, God’s Big Picture, “The Kingdom of God,” the course videos, and the study guides! Requirements: AT LEAST 3 FULL PAGES; Times New Roman; 12 point font; double-spaced; APA format, including title and References pages

Sample Solution