Knowledge of theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines

(CO #1) – Utilize prior knowledge of theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines to explain expected client behaviors, while differentiating between normal findings, variations, and abnormalities. (PO #1) • (CO #4) – Identify teaching/learning needs from the health history of an individual. (PO #2) In Week 6 you demonstrated a head to toe assessment of an adult participant. This week you and your classmates will reflect on physical assessment in your own nursing practice, and on the assessment you performed for your video assignment. Please consider the following in your initial post: 1. Please share how physical assessment is performed in your practice area. How do you determine what type of physical assessment is appropriate in caring for your patients? Do you perform complete head to toe assessments, or are they typically more focused exams? (If you do not currently work in a patient care setting, you may reflect on observations from a clinical experience or prior work setting.) 2. Based on your observations, do you feel that patient assessments performed in practice are as thorough as they should be? Explain your answer. 3. Reflect on the assessment you performed for the video assignment. Perhaps you might compare your performance now, to how it might have been different when you were a brand-new nurse? Or share something you learned (or were reminded of) by participating in this activity?
Reading Weber, J.R. & Kelley, J.H. (2018). Health assessment in nursing (6th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer. • Chapter 33: Assessing Families Lockhart, L. and Davis, C. (2014). Caring for nontraditional families. Nursing made incredibly easy. 12(6) 14-18. doi: 10.1097/01.NME.0000454747.95582.fa permalink (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Please be very detailed about this paper and make it robust also use an an outside scholar reference along with the reading provided above and cite them as reference. You must use an outside reference in order to have a full credit.

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