Korean- American girl

Vignette Scenario
Vicki, a 9 year old, first generation Korean- American girl, is brought into therapy
by her parents on the suggestion of her pediatrician. Vicki has been having
difficulties connecting with her classmates. She tells her parents that she feels
lonely because no one wants to play with her and she often eats lunch by herself.
Recently she was invited to a classmate’s birthday party at a local skating rink
but refused to go telling her parents that, “I can’t skate as good as the other kids.”
Vicki shares with you that, nobody likes me because I am stupid and fat.” Vicki’s
parents tell you that Vicki attends Korean school on Saturdays and is also taking
piano lessons.
Assignment Instructions
Research/find a scholarly article showing the application of Skinner, Thorndike, Hull or Pavlov’s perspective as it relates to learning or behavioral modification.
Download and review the Vignette scenario [DOWNLOAD].
Utilizing both the text readings and the article you researched, write a 2-3 page paper that addresses the following areas in the vignette:
The theory’s explanation for the behavior/emotions exhibited
How the theory can be applied to change/modify the behavior producing more adaptive/positive result
Cultural or ethical considerations related to use of this theory with the vignette

Sample Solution