You MUST use at least one academic piece of literature for each question. You are to appropriately cite your sources and develop a reference list.
You may NOT use more than ONE direct quote in each question. Each answer should be at least 100 words.
1. President John F. Kennedy signed an executive order that gave public sector employees the right to collectively bargain and strike if needed. Some say that public employees should not have these rights because they do not work for private organizations. After reading Chapter 3, what are your opinions about the following: -Job security in the public sector -Political influence in the public sector -Conflicts of interest with public employees that union members?
2. Managers often get into trouble by harassing, intimidating, and harming employees that attempt to organize their workplaces. As future managers, what kinds of things are you willing to do to maintain a positive relationship with your employees through this process? Some issues that will come into play are: – Salting (and peppering) -24 hour rule -Certification cards -NLRB ratification. Discuss these concepts.(no title page needed. no limit on sources, at least one for each question)


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