Labor Relations

The President’s executive order on Labor Relations has open the opportunity to make adjustments to the Professional Tech Department and its employee unit. In keeping with the good faith negotiation approach stated by executive office, the Professional Tech Unit is willing to submit an offer to the labor union in effort to expedite the negotiation process on both sides so an agreement is reached relatively soon. Based on some general consensus the Professional Development Unit is interested in providing the following benefits in exchange for an improved accountability and streamlining Removal procedures from underperforming and highly liable-burdensome employees
Economic Item: Salaries may not increase beyond the rate of inflation
The Professional Tech Management Unit is pleased to announce that our fiscal budget has managed to secured pay raises for the Professional Tech department. Understanding that wages and compensation has been stagnant these past 8 years, a much-needed pay raise is in order and should be implemented within the next 3 years.
The total based on the budget adjustments provided by the city manager and the mayor, our department is capable of meeting the proposed salary increase by 2% for the first year, with an additional 1% raise for the following 2 consecutive years. This will be a pay raise total of 4% by the end of year 3. The transitional pay raise is intended to create a progressive adjustment to our departments budget in order to ensure that funds will be adequate in relation to our city’s budget and responsibilities, as well as forthcoming issues with our economy specially regarding the pandemic lock-down

Cost breakdown
Department’s Compensation annual cost $2,264,656
budget increased provided by city + $ 100,000
cost of 4% increase in 3 years $ 91,722
salary increased year 1 $ 45,293
salary increase year 2 $ 23,099
salary increase year 3 $ 23,330
new total compensation at yr3 $2,356,379

Non-economic item: Sick time/leave, how much workers are entitled to.
The Professional Tech Management Unit is also considering changes and adjustments to the sick time/leave and how much time are employees willing to negotiate. Some of the possible arrangements include comp time, flexible schedule, and telecommuting. If additional sick time leave is requested by the union, the cost associated with this will have to be included in the overall cost for the department which will impact the pay raises being proposed.

Streamlining Removal Procedures:
In exchange for the proposed benefits, the Professional Tech Management Unit is requesting for Union Members to provide a streamlining Removal Procedures that can be implemented by the City and department in order to address disgruntled and underperforming employees. Our department will review the procedures and provide revisions for your review prior to approving the final document.

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