Land laws

Land laws are central to most legal systems. Select one East Asian country and explain the origin of the land law system (what legal system were land laws borrowed from originally?). Your paper should focus on how the land law system has been adapted to suit local conditions. For example, what are the main ways that social forces (businesses, social organisations and citizens) have influenced the land law? Illustrate your answer with case studies. Structuring the research assignment: There are two documents that represent how the research assignment can be done. There are three cases about Land Law, please read them and might pick some ideas in the readings. And based on my instructor’s rubric: General description-Outstanding or exceptional work in terms of understanding, interpretation and presentation Reading-Strong evidence of independent reading beyond core texts and materials Knowledge of topic-Demonstrates insight, awareness and understanding of deeper and more subtle aspects of the topic. Ability to consider topic in the broader context of the discipline. Articulation of argument-Demonstrates imagination or flair. Demonstrates originality and independent thought. Analytical and evaluative skills-Highly developed analytical and evaluative skills Problem solving-Ability to solve very challenging problems Expression and presentation appropriate to the discipline, Highly developed skills in expression and presentation

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