Latin America Politic Science writing

  1. How does Chile’s political development and political institutions, from independence to the mid 1900s, differ from the rest of the region? Drawing

comparisons between Chile and one or more of the other countries we have discussed (Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, and/or Venezuela), highlight the unique

characteristics of Chile’s political development and political institutions that contributed to extraordinary levels of political stability in Chile prior to

the mid-20th century. Don’t forget that to make a useful comparison you have to discuss BOTH Chile’s political trajectory during this period AND that of at

least one other country.

Points breakdown: Explanation of the unique political characteristics of Chile: 6 points; explanation of how these characteristics differed from another case

(Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, and/or Venezuela): 4 points

  1. Like Brazil in the period between 1964 and 1985, Chile experienced a bureaucratic authoritarian regime between 1973 and the end of the 1980s. First,

discuss how did the bureaucratic authoritarian regime in Chile compared with the bureaucratic authoritarian regime experienced in Brazil by focusing on the

similarities and differences between the two in terms of the political and economic projects, strategies, and successes/failures. Second, discuss the

political, economic and social legacies of Chile’s bureaucratic authoritarian regime that lasted long after the ocracy?

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