Law ethics

Please read the hypothetical at the beginning of the chapter. After reading the hypothetical, please read the case of Brown v. Legal Foundation of Washington, beginning on pg. 191. Based upon the text material, the case and your opinion, where do you believe the interest generated by client money in the IOLTA accounts should go: the client, the attorney or towards the indigent population? Defend your answer by incorporating the text materials, the rules and the case that you read. This should be no less than 2 pages. The resource should be the ABA rules.
{Hypothetical} The state of Palalico has a large indigent population. When these people need legal representation or legal help with ordinary issues such as wills, they go to one of several free legal clinics. These clinics are state- sponsored. The funds for keeping these clinics open, paying rent, and paying the salaries of the lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, and managerial personnel come from one specific state fund called the Trust Account Fund. That fund is filled each year from the interest generated by the money that is in the client trust accounts that Palalico lawyers are obligated to keep. State law requires each lawyer or law firm to have at least one interest-bearing bank account where money given to the firm in advance of a lawsuit or other legal matter is kept. As that money gener- ates interest each month, Palalico banks collect that interest and send it to the Trust Account Fund. Some lawyers have filed a lawsuit against the Trust Account Fund on the ground that their clients are entitled to the interest generated by their money sitting in interest-bearing bank accounts.

Brown V Legal Foundation Case

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