Leaders in an organization

Overview: Effectively directing others in organizations depends on the ability of managers to lead, motivate, and communicate with those they direct. The quality of leading health services organizations and health systems (HSOs/HSs) affects the work accomplished by individuals and groups, as well as performance of organizations and systems in pursuing their missions and objectives. Additionally, success in the directing function is influenced by how effectively
managers assist in the motivation of others and by how well they communicate with them.

For this phase of the project complete the following:

Identify the leaders of the organization
✓ Senior-level, middle, first level (if you are able)

Can refer to the CEO, CFO, CIO, etc. of the HSO/HS
Compare and Contrast the leaders of the HSO by addressing each of their:
✓ Leadership style
✓ Leadership behavior
✓ Traits & Skills
✓ Emotional Intelligence
✓ Sources of power

Sample Solution