Leaders vs. Managers

This short paper assignment involves comparing leaders versus managers in today’s sports industry.
Respond to the following questions, citing evidence from the Sports Business Journal the articles, or your textbook:
What is your definition of a leader? How would you define a manager? Is there a distinction between the two in today’s sports industry? What are some
qualities and characteristics you learned growing up in relation to leadership in sports? Have you ever led a team? If so, were your leadership methods
effective? In what ways, if any, did managing play a role?
What is your assessment of leaders and managers in today’s sports industry? Can they coexist in today’s industry? Use specific examples to support your
Do you consider yourself more of a leader or a manager? What are some of the traits and characteristics of a sports leader or manager that you possess?
Who is an effective sports leader in today’s industry? Who is an effective manager in sports? Do you model your own leadership/management traits
after this sports professional?

Sample Solution