Evaluate your leadership effectiveness in your MGT360 team project – (1 page) Describe the approach you took to leading, using course material to support your analysis. Identify where you were effective in leading your team, and where you need improvements; use specific examples of your leadership style in your discussion. Optional: You might also compare and contrast your leadership experience this semester with other team leadership roles you have held in the past. What might explain any similarities or differences? Evaluate your progress in developing the leadership skill – (1 page) Describe what you did to improve this skill. To what extent do you feel that you were successful? How did you measure your progress? What was most challenging for you in executing your action plan? What will you do in the future to continue to develop your leadership skills, based on what worked (or didn’t) for you in this project?

Describe your personal leadership philosophy — (2 pages). What is your personal leadership philosophy? What does leadership means to you? Describe your personal leadership model. You might want to use a visual to support this model. Which theories/concepts have most influenced your thinking about leadership. Include at least three and include citations and sources. What are at least three leadership lessons you learned as a result of taking this course? How you will apply these lessons to your life and career going forward?




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