Looking at the course through two lenses, process and product, respond to the following: Process – How did you like using Teams? Did you like the TEDTalks? How about the videos by Northouse, and those recommended by the textbook? Did you like doing the assessments as part of the discussion forums, or would you rather have compiled them in a course journal? Product – You have been doing a considerable amount of introspection on yourself as a leader, particularly through your weekly assessments and blog posts. This week, be sure to take advantage of the reading (“Solitude and Leadership”) and video (“Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture”) for some final thoughts. Share any comments here. What is one action step you will be taking because of this course? You will each start an original thread to post your assignment (400-500 words) by Thursday midnight the textbook is leadership: theory+ practice by northouse isbn: 9781506362311

Sample Solution