Read the book (Wheatley, 2009) and pick one connection technique that resonates with you. Implement this
technique in the work setting over a one-week period. Intentionality will be key to the success of this technique.
Note what are the responses from self and others. Record these responses in a 750-word essay utilizing the
DEAL model of inquiry.
D (describe): Describe the connection technique and why it was chosen to implement. How might the polyvagal
theory explain the success or failure of this technique? Describe your implementation plan. Which of the
Caritas Processes do you see this technique aligning with?
E (examine): Delve into how the implementation went and what the results were. Be descriptive. Delve into
how this implementation made you feel and what you did with those feelings.
AL (articulate learning): What insights from the technique did you experience? Would you be incorporating this
technique into your nursing praxis? Why or why not? How does the polyvagal theory and being witness
explain, enhance, or detract from the impact of the technique?
The following books/articles need to be included
Read Wheatley, MJ (2009). Turning to One Another: simple conversations to restore hope to the future.
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

Sample Solution