Leadership Analysis

For this paper, you will choose two leaders, one male and one female. These two leaders do not need to be from the same organization. One leader should be what you would consider “effective and successful” and the other should be what you would consider “ineffective and unsuccessful.”

Compare these two leaders regarding their leadership characteristics, use of power and influence, and how these relate to their effectiveness or lack of effectiveness within their respective organization. Make sure to use research to back up your statements within the paper. You will need to address each of the following as they relate to your two leaders. Each element is needs to be addressed:


A brief background and organizational framework for each leader, including job title and general description, industry in which they work, number of subordinates they supervise, and their leadership level within the organization (lower level, middle level, executive level)
A comparison of the techniques used by each leader to gain power in his or her role within the organization
A comparison of how subordinates relate to each leader, including how much influence the subordinates have on each leader
An analysis of how each leader uses influence to change the behavior of other leaders, co-workers, and subordinates within the organization
A comparison of the techniques used by each leader to influence employee motivation
An analysis of self-destructive tendencies (dark characteristics) of each leader, and how these tendencies affect the organization
A comparison of how each leader rewards employees, and how effective the reward systems are
An analysis of which leadership theory best describes each leader and the reasons why you selected the leadership theory based on research

Your paper must be 10 pages in length, not counting the required title and reference pages.
You must back up your analysis with at least eight references
Include a cover page denoting the paper title, your name, and on the next page Include an outline or table of contents.
Include a brief abstract statement summarizing your hypothesis or findings.
Format your paper according to the APA7.
Review the Portfolio Project Rubric for more information on how you will be graded on this assignment. Reach out to your instructor with any questions.

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