Leadership and Cooperation in Marketing Channels


To increase your understanding of Global Marketing issues, you have been perusing several course-related materials, including video lectures, the textbook, classic and contemporary journal readings and HBS cases. In order to assess if your learning has increased, you will be asked questions that are related to the course materials in class to engender discussion on key concepts and issues. The questions that appear in the Module 06 Discussion Questions document below are questions you must address.

Use any resources necessary (e.g., text, video lectures, etc.) in answering the discussion questions. Please remember that your explanations to the discussion questions above must be substantive, clear, deliberate, and meaningful detailed essays.

For an answer to be considered excellent, first show that you know the meaning of the concept or theory being discussed by providing a definition of it and then briefly discussing its tenets and its core components. Then, answer the question by articulating your position as best you can and defending your perspective, if necessary. If you provide short answers and leave the reader guessing as to the intent of your answer, then your answer is incomplete and will be graded as such.

Answer the questions in an MS Word file. Please use the following guidelines to format your paper.

Submission File Name: Last Name_First Name_Assignment2

Underline and/or use boldface to highlight the key/crucial points of your answers.

If you feel that some questions are repetitive, be on the safe side by answering the question again, expanding on it as necessary.

Please check/edit your assignment answers, ensuring there are no grammatical mistakes.

Answer all questions in one file.

For ease of readability, type each part of the question in bold and then answer the question.

Please number each part of all questions and answer them in chronological order, as it makes reading easier for everyone.

Provide citations at the end of each part of every answer.

Individual Assignment 02 Discussion Questions on Chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7 (40 pts):
Presentations in Module 04 and Module 05 Instructional Materials pages in Moodle, “Leadership and Cooperation in Marketing Channels”, and HBS Case on Colgate Max Fresh

  1. The following questions are based on Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions found in the textbook but also the Video Module and the article entitled “Leadership and Cooperation in Marketing Channels: A Comparative Empirical Analysis of the U.S., Finland and Poland” (10 pts).
    a) Define and discuss in detail each of the five dimensions of culture as identified by Hofstede.
    b) In your opinion, does Hofstede add to our understanding of culture? If so, what are his contributions to the literature on national culture?
    c) Discuss the limitations of Hofstede’s theory. (You may conduct additional research and use external sources of information to support your answer, but be sure to cite any source)
  2. Provide a substantive summary of the article, “Leadership and Cooperation in Marketing Channels: A Comparative Empirical Analysis of the U.S., Finland and Poland” (10 pts).
    a) Separately, define and discuss the concepts of three leadership styles, cooperation and performance as discussed in the article.
    b) Separately, explain how the dimensions of culture influence the relationship between leadership and cooperation.
    c) Based on your reading, can the three leadership styles be used on a standardized basis to manage the relationships between manufacturers and their international distributors, or based on the findings of the study do they need to be adapted to the cultural dimensions of each country market?
  3. The following questions are based on the HBS Colgate Max Fresh (CMF) case (20 pts).
    a) Based on your assessment, identify the central problem facing CP.
    b) What is your analysis of the CMF launch in the US?
    c) What are the costs and benefits of adapting to the Chinese and Mexican market?
    d) Evaluate the market launch plans and give your own assessment of the following for both China and Mexico:
    i. What target market do you suggest that CP should pursue for CMF in China/ Mexico?
    ii. What product strategy do you suggest that CP should use for CMF in China/ Mexico?
    iii. What promotion strategy do you suggest that CP should use for CMF in China/ Mexico?
    iv. What pricing strategy do you suggest that CP should use for CMF in China/ Mexico?
    v. What distribution strategy do you suggest that CP should use for CMF in China/ Mexico?

Reminder: When analyzing HBS cases, please do not conduct additional research either on the Internet or in the library nor introduce additional information from external sources. Introducing additional external information will only contaminate the case. Base your answers on the information contained in the case. That is the information the case author(s) have provided you, as managers or consultants, to make your decisions and recommendations. Besides conducting external research on the HBS cases will circumvent your learning as well as diminish the development of your judgment and decision making skills (That is also plagiarism!).

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