Leadership and motivation

It is important to select a well-known leader of a business so that you have sufficient resource and background information on the leader. You are to select a at least six difference sources of information (articles, books, magazines, etc,)

1) Introduction
a. Explain the background of leadership. Provide at least 10 sources of literature here to justify your project.
b. Provide a reference list in all your in-text citations in APA format.

2) External Environment & Strategic Challenge:
a. What was the leadership challenge? In other words, what was the leader trying to do? And how was she/he trying to do it?
b. What external challenges and pressures did the leader face and try to address?

3) Strategic Vision:
a. What was the leader’s vision and mission for this situation?
b. What was the desired outcome for the organization and this specific situation?
c. How successful was she/he in achieving their vision and desired outcome?

4) Leader:
a. What was the leadership style: transformation, or transactional or charismatic?
b. What were the benefits and disadvantages of this style?
c. What do employees say about the leader?

5) Leading Others:
a. What kinds of influence and authority did the leader use?
b. How effective was this?
c. How appropriate was this? Why?

6) Organization:
a. What was the organizational culture and structure like?
b. How does it relate to the leader’s style and influence?
c. Benefits and disadvantages of this culture and structure.

7) Evaluation of the Leader:
a. At what leadership approach the leader is related to?
b. Evaluate the overall performance of the leader.

8) Insights:
a. What were the most important insights you gained about leadership from this research?

Sample Solution