Leadership Development Experience

Essay on Leadership Development Experience (2-3 full pages) 30%
The final aspect of your leadership portfolio is a 2-3 full page essay on your leadership development experience
this online term. In this essay you want to describe if and how you’ve grown as a leader, and how your
leadership style or perspective has changed. Describe in detail how experiences, self-assessment results,
dialogue in class discussion forums, videos, etc. impacted your leadership growth. As you reflect, ensure that
you answer the following questions:
• How has your definition of leadership changed during the semester? If it did not, explain why?
• Has your ability to effectively communicate with others changed? Why or why not?
• Did you experience an increase in awareness of yourself and others in relation to leadership? If not, explain
• How have you demonstrated the skills necessary to work collaboratively? Effectively communicate? Lead a
• Which leadership style do you must closely align with? Why? As an example, are you a transformational or
situational leader? Or a combination of a few styles?
• Describe how you better understand leadership as a process, not a position?
• Discuss how you have sought opportunities to enhance your leadership development and engage in leadership
behaviors. Have you adjusted how you lead and/or follow others?
• Overall, how was your experience in the course? Do you believe that your leadership and communication skills
have improved? Has your confidence grown as a leader?
• What do you plan to do to continue to hone your leadership and communication skills beyond this class?

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