Leadership Development Plan


Leadership Development Plan


Using the results from the PAMS assessments, your leadership research, and your leadership vision, you will create a leadership development plan to prepare you to achieve your leadership goals.

Your Leadership Development Plan (LDP) will be a detailed plan that includes your goals and actions to strengthen your management skills and helps you set your career on a more strategic track. The LDP will be an invaluable tool to guide you throughout your career. Having the plan will provide you with greater overall career satisfaction, make you more knowledge about how your skills match desired opportunities and focus on upgrading skills that ultimately impact your career goals. No matter where you are in your career, a leadership development plan will take your management ability to the next level.

The first critical task for creating a leadership plan is to effectively develop your vision, which is the foundation of your plan. A vision is large. It is the “big picture” image of what you want to achieve. The framework for your vision will include your values and beliefs that are demonstrated in the actions and goals in your plan. You will find that while your goals will change over a period of time, your vision seldom does. Once you have declared your vision, commit to it as you begin your plan.

You did a great deal of self-evaluation with your PAMS Assessment in the beginning of the course. However, we all know that being a good leader is more than what one thinks about their leadership. Other people in your company, industry, peers, supervisors, and those you might currently lead, also need to let you know if they think you’re effective as a leader. Bringing together the results of both your and their PAMS assessments with your leadership vision while drawing inspiration from a CEO that you believe is a great leader will provide the information you need to write a solid Leadership Development Plan.

Remember that your Leadership Development Plan is incorporated into your final paper; it is not a stand-alone assignment.

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