Leadership for health care

Choosing two theories from this book and critic this from your perspective.

A critical reflection on the issues of leading improvement in practice and the leadership strategies/theory/styles adopted, clearly identifying the associated leadership interventions.

1- Evaluate the application of theory to demonstrate the practical skills necessary to lead the engagement of a multidisciplinary team in the improvement of health and social care order for the student to have an understanding of the risks and risk managementin required to deliver effective, efficient and acceptable quality improvements
2- Critically examine the student’s own role, the role of other individuals, the organisation and wider context in shaping quality improvement in order to lead effectively and deliver quality improvements in service delivery
3- Review and critically evaluate techniques & tools employed in the process of leading quality and improvement in health and social care
4- Explore and critically review the management of change process involved in the delivery of improvements in order for the student to be able to lead change in the most appropriate manner and to realise the benefits from improvement
5- Analyse and critically discuss the contribution of a range of disciplines to the theory and practice of leading quality improvements in order for the student to be able to select the most appropriate tools to achieve improvement outcomes



Sample Solution