Leadership in Organizations

  1. Based on the article: “Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve” by Jim Collins define Level 5 Leadership and provide examples of leaders who are Level 5 and who are not (provide 2 examples for each type). (75 points, 2 Pages)
  2. Based on the article “Discovering Your Authentic Leadership” by George, Sims, McLean and Mayer explain meaning of the following statement: The journey to authentic leadership begins with understanding the story of your life. Support your answer with examples from the article. (75 points, 2 Pages)
  3. Select 3 HBR articles from our reading list and discuss what it means to be a leader and elaborate on 3 different leadership definitions which were highlighted in various articles. Select one definition and provide an organizational/industry context in which this definition would be most applicable and specify why? (150 points, 4 Pages)

Sample Solution