Leadership nursing

5 Year Career Plan and PPT Presentation Paper (this paper has two parts- written and PowerPoint)
Research current career options available for BSN students with a focus on your
particular area of interest (Cardio).
After conducting research on requirements for practice, work experiences requirements, etc. craft and write a 5-8 page paper on your own 5-year plan beginning with graduation with your BSN and target employers for your first position as a graduate nurse.
Review data from two professional organizations that you might be interested in joining during your first 5 years of practice. Discuss in your paper what these organizations offer to their members.
Also discuss any plans for advanced certification and advanced education and continuing education you might want or need during your 5 year plan.
Describe characteristics of the type of organization you would like to work for and why.
What aspect of this course (if any) do you feel most helped you develop as a leader as well as prepare you for your transition?

Sample Solution