Leadership skills and knowledge

Use the leadership skills and knowledge you have developed in this program to provide feedback and suggestions about your peers’ action plan steps.

Answer: My action plan includes a descriptive overview of how the bridge program which, allows for students to transition into the original Organizational Management Program. I will add about four different strategies which will include the action plan used to help this project be a successful one. Being able to determine the strategic position it allows instructors to know what direction and angles they need to take, in order for the students and programs to be successful. Being able to prioritize the objectives of the program it is time to determine objectives that will help you achieve your goals (2021). The objectives will be in line with the program’s mission and vision statement.

being able to fully execute and manage the plan and have the instructors and professors execute the plan so that the students of the Bridge Program can easily transition into the Organizational Management Program. I will make sure that the professors and Instructors incorporate superb leadership skills, which show compassion, empathy, and integrity. This will help them to better convey the motto and the statement to students to make the transition easy for everyone involved. I hope this brief synopsis can help explain the description of the action plan and overview of the program.


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