Leadership theories

Comparing and contrasting two leadership theories (Transformational leadership theory compared to Leader-
member exchange theory)The paper should be 1375 words long, An essay of Comparison & Contrast takes two aspects of an issue and compares them. The introduction of the essay presents the context for comparing the two different aspects. Also, the introduction presents why (thesis statement) you should compare and contrast the two aspects. And then in the body of the essay, you will develop a point-by-point comparison by giving examples of the advantages/disadvantages and pros/cons according to different situations. The conclusion of the essay is a summation of the analyses by way of the comparison to decide when one aspect is better than the other. Your analysis will demonstrate third-year capabilities for conducting thorough and detail research and critical thinking. The essay must be properly formatted with cover page, table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion, and references (12). Use the template given thanks, If you have any doubts ask me, please If you have any doubts ask me. Please check that the references are in text cited correctly, check the structures, the instruction of the essay should meet the written essay, sentences, grammar, and the overall essay, headings, table of content and the appropriate title, please.

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