Legal term “Stare Decisis”

Write essay answering the following business law questions:

  1. Explain what the legal term “Stare Decisis” means and its importance to case law.
  2. The Constitution requires that before the Plaintiff can bring a case against the Defendant three conditions must be demonstrated. Identify and explain these three conditions.
  3. Rather than resolve disputes through the court, many choose to used Alternative Dispute Resolution. Explain why such alternatives are now frequently employed and identify and explain two such alternatives often employed.
  4. In litigation what is the purpose of Discovery? Provide four means often used to obtain Discovery and explain each.
  5. The single greatest constitutional clause that fosters Federal regulation of business is
    the Commerce Clause. Explain this law and its relevance to the conduct of business.
  6. What is the legal meaning of a Tort? Name and explain two Torts important to business under each of the following four circumstances:
  7. Interference against personal freedom
  8. Interference against property rights
  9. Interference against economic relations
  10. Wrongful communication

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