Legislative Field Trip

Attend a legislative proceeding and interact with those attending or visit with a legislator and advocate on behalf an issue or policy, then write a report on the experience.
Field Trip Report
Write a 2-page report in APA format and integrating class readings and content. The report must:
• Describe the choice selected
• Describe the physical location
• Describe who was in attendance, their roles, and demeanor
• Describe the issue at hand:
o Who initiated the conversation?
o What were some of the major points discussed?
o Did anyone take a position (if you chose to interview the legislator, report on what position you took and what was the response)?
• What was your impression of the meeting?
• From a social worker perspective, what did you learn?
• Based on what you learned, did you identify any implication to Hispanics/Latino community? To others?




Sample Solution