LEO Satellite Constellation for Backhauling 5G Network

Assume a CDMA physical layer Satellite Link to provide backhaul connectivity to the end-user, which represents a future emerging use-case for the 5G roadmap. The satellite configuration will adopt a LEO constellation that aims to provide reliable link quality due to the low earth orbit proximity. We aim to model and implement the physical layer transmission chain to evaluate the link.
1.2 Measurements
(explain exactly WHAT is measured)

project includes:

  • Test CDMA link quality based on bit error rate (BER) performance for diverse modulation and coding configurations.

-investigate the availability of satellites for the suggested constellation to the gateway.

1.3 Used software
 In this project two programs will be used to study the desired outcome of the project. Both of their results will be studied in depth and will be used to support the arguments and provide intensive vision of the case.

  • Usage of MATLAB will be very beneficial in modelling the physical layer chain based on CDMA supposing a Rician channel. Based on the outcomes of the system the link quality will be then enhanced to optimise the performance of the system.
  • – STK (System Tool Kit) will be used to simulate a constellation of 117 LEO satellites with 72 satellites at 6 polar plans inclined by 99.5 degrees and 45 satellites of 5 planes inclined by 37.5 degrees. Such a satellite arrangement provides both massive capacity and global coverage which agrees with 5G requirements.

1.4 Experimental Procedure and Data Collection Process

This project will be implemented through several pivotal stages which will give a clear indication of how efficient the usage of low-orbit satellites as backhaul link for 5G network provision. These steps are as follows:

  • Enhancing the baseline platform by improve the channel impairments.
  • Optimise performance and extract & detailed analyses.
  • Creating a simulation of 117 LEO satellite constellation covering the entire globe.
  • Determine the constellation constrains and capabilities.

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