Lesson plan


Look at these real-world examples of ethos.
Hopefully, these resources help you feel more confident in your understanding and use of the three rhetorical appeals.
What I want you to do now is to take my place as a college professor. You are now the instructor. You have a 30-minute face-to-face class, and you have to teach them about ‘the three rhetorical appeals’.
Design a lesson plan (basically, a thorough outline of what you plan to teach the class) that will explain and reinforce the students’ use of pathos, logos, and ethos. Just as I try to do for you, do not design a 30-minute lecture that simply explains the content. Design a lesson that requires the students to conduct some basic research and explore multimedia sources for examples. Ultimately, your lesson plan will resemble the assignment sets I post for you, but you may put your own personal spin on it too.
Have fun with this assignment.
Part 3
Go to the class discussion board, and share with the class an example of a time in your life when you used one or more of the three appeals in your own life.

Sample Solution