Letter to a young architect

You are a principal of a large design firm and have received a letter from an aspiring law student asking
for advice. The student wants to first earn her law degree, then become a licensed architect, and finally
open a law firm that specializes in protecting architects from frivolous claims.
Your letter will dedicate SPECIFIC advice for each stage this student’s three-part plan.
One paragraph of your letter will advise the student on what kind of law she should study in law school.
Advise specifically about these items:

  1. Should she study Constitutional law?
  2. How should she decide on a focus between Civil or Torte law?
  3. What role will Contract Law play in her strategy?
  4. What kind of law creates Building Codes?
    One paragraph will advise the student about the process of becoming an architect. Detail the three stages
    she will have to pass to become an architect, and the legal entities that control each stage. Be sure to detail
    items lectured about the NCARB Rules of Conduct in this section.
    One paragraph will advise the student about choosing cases. Specifically, you must describe to the
    student how architects are judged by what’s called the Standard of Care. Then tell her how to defend
    architects against accusations of Negligence by detailing the four elements of negligence, and give an
    example of each. Pen a response that does the following:
  • Outline the architect’s responsibility to the public.
  • Outline the architect’s responsibility to the client
  • Discuss the legal considerations involved.
  • Discuss the regulations that govern the practice of architecture

Sample Solution