Letter to Editor

Attached is an example of how the letter should look.

you will read the article about Cuba’s former ruler, Castro, and write a report against the narrative it is written in. The article is a dominant narrative article (search web if not sure what this is) so you need to argue against it.
Why do u see the positive in it? Why do u think its a good ting rather than seeing it how the article wants u to perceive the matter around Fidel Castro.

Read the article closely and identify one or two points that you specifically wish to challenge(challenge 2 points of the dominant narrative). Review the evidence to back up your critique. Anticipate critics and think of ways of addressing their objections

Identify what aspects of the article, if any, deserve credit so that you can give it when it is due

Draft your letter; revise it to make sure the argument is tight and reads wellTrapped in Perpetual Pursuit of Money
Dear Editor,
Your article on “4 Ways to Stretch Your Student Budget” was a wake-up call, alerting us how far
we have fallen in terms of higher education in Canada.
As you would agree, education is what enables us to make meaning of our lives. It sophisticates
our minds so we make scientific discoveries and cure diseases. More importantly, it challenges
our consciousness to identify contradictions and injustice around us. This is the raison d’etre of
Student debt in Canada has reached a staggering average of $34,000 during 2013-2014, according
to Canadian Student Loans Program. Chained and chased by creditors, students have no luxury
of “real” learning. And as victims and survivors of the brutal system, they themselves become
predators and oppress new entrants in the society.

The right question would have been “How can we offer free university education”, not “How to
help students manage debts”
















































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