Letter to the people

You are to write two separate letters to these people from two different perspectives. You will decide which of these people you write which style of letter to; Letter 1: A Personal Impact Letter This letter is a purely personal letter that you would write to this person as simply another person who has been affected deeply by hisor her story. Write your own reflections including your responses to hearing their story, what you learnt from what they said, what concerned or distressed you and anything else you would like to say to them person-to-person. Letter 2: A Therapeutic Letter A very important but often unrecognized skill of a counsellor/psychologist is the ability to write a therapeutic letter. Letter writing is an art form that has been lost to many people. However in these times of increasing emergence of online and social media and email communication, the written word is re-emerging as a source of both positive and negative value. The written word without the advantage of facial and vocal cues can pose more challenges to move beyond it just being a set of word sequences to a communication that can offer emotional as well as as cognitive support. This second letter is one that you would send to this person as a therapist on the basis that you care unable to physically see the person due to his or her condition or limitations of your employment. Consider what you wish to achieve as an intervention within this letter and write it is such a way that the person may have a sense of your being in the room with them as they read it. After the letter, provide a short commentary on the letter offering a rationale as to why you chose to write what you did and in that particular manner?












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