LINKS Simulation game’

We’ve done a game called the LINKS Simulation game, and we’ve started with QUARTER4 and ended with QUARTER8. An introduction to the game can be seen in the PPT. All firms are competing in the same set-top box industry. Our group is Firm 5, and you can see all of our Q4-Q8 data in word files and excel, our product models, our revised product models, our pricing, our projected sales, our product positioning.
Below are the requirements for the content of the article:
• Timeline (showcasing long-term strategy and major decision deployment) : Overall Decision Review

• Data visualization on key indicators: THREE TYPES OF KPIS, sales, profits, etc. (’s quarterly results) , and make targeted evaluations

• positioning/targeting (profit or volume)

Reflection: what’s right, what’s wrong, what needs to be improved

Sample Solution