Read the Lessons content on Listening for Success.
By this assignment, you should also have read Chapter 11 in the Marchewka text, and the Lessons content on change and conflict management.
Your assignment is to listen to another person speak about a subject important to THEM. You are to use the Good Listening habits discussed in lecture and summarized in Lessons. You are to write about your experience in a minimum 2-page paper.
Here is additional information to guide your effort and to provide an outline for your paper.
1. Select a person. A good person to select is someone with whom you already have a relationship, such as a spouse, close friend, classmate, or co-worker. It is probably best not to select someone in the class because they are already familiar with the assignment. It is okay to say that this is a class assignment to the subject, but it is not absolutely necessary.
2. Select a subject. For the subject, I am giving you two choices. Choose one.
a. Ask the person to discuss a major change in their life, either positive or negative. Use the attached Extend Your Knowledge (EYK) Question 1 for guidance in how to approach the person with questions. OR….
b. Have the person talk about something important to THEM. Their choice. Examples are a problem at work, a relationship/dating problem, a problem getting their child to do something, worried about getting fired, a health issue for themselves or a loved one, dealing with someone at work who harasses them about politics (pro or against Trump), worried about failing a class.
Whether you choose (a) or (b), the important thing is that you want the person to “open up” about this subject.
3. Use the Listening skills. Take in all the cues, don’t interrupt, don’t swap a story, don’t solve their problem, and repeat back. Be conscious of your using the skills.
4. Results. How did the other person do? Did they respond positively to your approach? How did they seem emotionally satisfied (or not) about the experience? Is your relationship with the other person better as a result?
Write in your paper how you did. Tell me about the person, the subject, how you think you did on the listening skills, and the results.
You are to be graded on being complete and specific on the writeup, NOT on how well you did as a listener. The value of the assignment is your practicing how to listen.
Good luck, listeners!
Turn in your solution as an MS-Word attachment with your name and J-number at the top. 12-point Times New Roman. Double spaced.
Here are some responses I made to students who did not do well:
Good person-subject (friend-career aspirations). But, you did not even talk about your effort at listening-at all! The only place the word “listening” even appears is in the paper’s title. Woeful! (5/20)
Good person-subject, and you got him to open up, as you told his story. But, you did not say what listening skills you used and gave very little results. You needed more discussion in parts 3 and 4. (10/20)
Your report was a list of historical facts of his story, not a story of your listening to him. You offered very little evidence of your use of listening skills, and not enough analysis of results. (8/20)
Good person-subject. Emotional content. You told the story in detail. You did not say what you did to listen, though. You made it more about change management, and so there was little or nothing on listening skills, your use of them and how they responded emotionally to your listening approach. You need more on parts 3 and 4, although the change material was good. (15/20)
Your analysis is too short and vague. You did not say enough about the listening skills you used and how you think you did. You gave us his reaction to his own story, not to your listening.

























































Sample Solution