Literary Analysis of Women, Love, and Marriage in World Literature

  1. Paulina Chiziane, The First Wife: A Tale of Polygamy
  2. Assia Djebar, The Tonque’s Blood Does Not Run Dry: Algerian Stories
  3. Duong Thu Huong, Paradise of the Blind: A Novel
    In a five page research paper, referencing the three novels above, please analyze the role and significance of love and marriage in the various novels. Claims should be well-reasoned and supported, engaging and insightful, deep and compelling. Your essay should have an inviting introduction and a satisfying conclusion with strong and varied sentence structure. Transitions should help with fluidity and coherence. Grammar and usage should contribute to the overall meaning of the piece. Please limit your quotations to no more than 10% of the entire essay, with your voice driving the essay. Cite all sources using MLA format correctly. Please double-space your essay.

Sample Solution