Literature Synthesis

• Critically evaluates key arguments from both a scholarly and a practitioner-oriented point of view;
• Critiques underlying assumptions evident in the articles and identifies any new insights for practice and scholarship;
• Extends the thinking and application of your review with additional resources and experiential analyses.

The introduction required more connections to the specific research problem under consideration and general insights that explained in which way the literature helped to bring insights that clarified the kind of challenges that you are facing as you keep progressing with the research problem.
The analysis was followed by a general description of the role of the insider researcher with connections made to some research findings. You might consider that the discussions need to offer critical insights that look at how your research is progressing, in which way you are identifying yourself with the insider researcher role and what kind of challenges have been faced as your progress with your research problem.
The discussions required analysis and consideration of your work with the research problem, your progress, the development of a plan of action that helps you to progress with the research problem.
The analysis should be very specific regarding the kind of challenges that you are facing as you engage with the organisation and try to progress with your research problem.
There was a need of assessing core findings, identifying biases, assumptions, etc., and implications for your work.
Reflections looking at the major learning outcomes from the completed literature would be of help.

Please add introduction, heading, subheading, and Conclusion. Citation and References year 2000 and up. Analyse the dynamics of action research Assess learning-in-action Evaluate meta cognitive skills associated with action research

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