Little nation mama Concha


A brief summary of the chapters including major events, characters, and important information about setting.

Your response to the reading including your opinions about and reaction to the assigned chapters. This section is a place to think deeply about the book and the emotions and complex ideas it brings up for you.

An explanation of your reading process.

Discuss specific parts that were confusing or that you have questions about. Share strategies that helped you overcome reading challenges.

A friend or family member’s perspective on a shared memory.

This story is about a boy’s memories of food, family, home, place, local history and much more.

Think of an important or “core” memory that is part of who you are.

Identify a friend or family member who shared this experience or memory with you. Conduct an informal interview about what they remember and the significance of this experience/memory to them. Capture here some of the similarities and differences between your memory and that of the person you shared it with.

What did you learn from reflecting on this memory and asking someone else about their point of view?




























Sample Solution