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Part 1 (35 points) Select and list down 25-30 items that you use in one day. You should include a variety of items from the following categories: food, clothing, electronics, entertainment, and transportation. Using the blank world map provided to you (on Canvas) Mapping Global Products World Map.jpg, identity the country of origin of the 25-30 items you used in one day. Use a color code to link items with places of origin. Here your may describe your items in terms of their category as food, electronics, clothing, etc. And, you have an option to divide your items according to countries or continents. Please include an index box (or key) in the corner of your map to describe your color-coding. Part 2 (40 points) After creating the above map, write a 2-page paper that assesses the following: Break your list of items down by continent. What percentage of these items is made in the USA and what percentage is not? Based on this list and your map, what types of product trends do you see? How do these trends fit into our discussion of globalization and what do these trends tell you about the directions of globalization? In what ways do these trends affect how and where you live?




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