1. Choose one of the following drugs as your focus: marijuana, opiates (all versions), cocaine, amphetamines.
2. Choose whether your policy recommendation will be for the federal government (recommended) or at the state level, and if at the state level, for which specific state.
3. Recommend a policy for how your chosen drug should be handled today. See instructions below on what to include.
4. Answer the questions below to demonstrate how your knowledge of history informs your policy recommendation.
5. Demonstrate engagement with a wide range of assigned course material from each unit in the class in support of your policy recommendation.
6. Write up policy and answers to questions in effective prose, using citations as necessary, and including a bibliography.

1. What is the history of the use of this drug since approximately 1900? (Legal, illegal, medicinal, as appropriate)
2. What is the history of attempts to control this drug since approximately 1900, if any? Successful? Why or why not?
3. What are the most important points of similarity and most important points of difference between this drug and the others from which you could have chosen? Describe them, and why they are significant. Choose 1 or 2 (no more) points of similarity and difference?
4. What aspects of your policy recommendation have been attempted before for your drug, and how successful have they been? Explain why you think they will be successful now (whether or not successful in the past).
5. What aspects of your policy recommendation are new, as relates to this drug (they may have been used for other drugs), and why do you think they will be successful now? Use history as one way of demonstrating the likeliness of success.
6. What will be the benefits to society of your policy recommendation, and why do you think so? Be sure to recommend at least two benefits.





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