Los Vendidos video analysis

Watch the video Los Vendidos and then answer all parts of the following questions.

Why did we see a “boxeador” (a boxer)? Explain the significance of the image of Chicanos as boxers?
Describe two specific aspects of the personality portrayed through the character of Ms Jimenez.
Contrast and explain the change in attitude displayed by Ms Jimenez when she views the farm worker family merely as workers in the field to her reaction when they shout “huelga, huelga, huelga (strike in English) and are “trained to go on strike?”
List three images and/or symbology referencing Chicano culture found in the video? Explain what you think they mean?
What does this video say about farm workers who come from Mexico to work in the US? Remember, this is the early 1970s.
What does this video say about the war in Vietnam? Consider the time it was made.
Explain the following passage from the intro to the skit where three figures in dark graduation robes sing, “Hail o hail to redneck high school hail, hail oh hail to thee, true to whites above all others on to victory.”
What is a Vendido(sellout) as exemplified by the character Ms Jimenez? Give an example of a public figure that you would consider a vendido or sellout.
Generate a question about something that came up in the play about which you did not understand and post it here in this discussion.
Post, in at least two complete sentences, what you think the main purpose and message of the skit was.

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