Love’s a Bitch – Amores perros

Watch: Love’s a Bitch – Amores perros (Mexico, 2000) -
These essays should be grounded in evidence from the films themselves. Your essay should provide a critical
reaction to the film in a narrative format.
-What was the main topic of the film
-What were the producers’/creators’ goals for the film, do you think?
-Did they achieve them?
-What sort of picture of Latin America does the film provide?
-Does the film treat Latin American people and cultures in all their complexity, or as shallow stereotypes (or
something in between)?(Notice that this is not a critique about good/bad but more intended to support the
course material learning content from this class.)
–It should not use the first-person (i.e. I/we/us) or second person (i.e. you/your) voice, but rather should
present your ideas in a third-person objective voice (the artwork/the artist/etc.).
Work/film cited at the end (MLA format as much as possible)

Sample Solution