Select an existing brand extension for a luxury brand.
Consider looking at:
1. The company portfolio – describe the business activities as comprehensive as
possible and brand history.
2. The luxury brand experience – provide insights to the luxury brand identity and
brand DNA (how the company creates its emotional value)
3. Category review – articulate a comprehensive overview of current company
positioning in the marketplace in terms of business and brand strategy; product
portfolio; competitor analysis; industry trends.
4. Product innovation – business strategy; aligning design strategy with business
objectives in context of design trends.
LBM717 – MA LBM – EBS, Spring 2018
5. Target audience review – articulate who the users are, taking in consideration the
relevant information gathered from global reports on the luxury industry.
6. Product stewardship – incorporate a sustainability perspective and highlight how
the proposal integrates a sustainability perspective (in terms of ethical, environmental
and economic aspects of processes and conditions).




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