Macroeconomics paper

Macroeconomics PapersYour papers should be clearly stated so that a reader unversed in economics would understand the material. (Have someone who is unfamiliar with economics proof read your paper and explain to you the main points of your paper.) Convince the reader that the point you are making is correct.In each paper, use one new word that you were previously unfamiliar with (not related to our economics class, e.g. not scarcity or absolute advantage) and underline or highlight it. Grammar, spelling, and clarity of writing count for half your grade!Format: Papers should be about 2 pages (stapled), double spaced, and must be typed. No cover pages, binders or folders please. Put your name at the top of the first page only. The best 2 of the 3 paper scores will be counted for the class grade. If only 2 papers are handed in, those 2 will count. A plagiarized paper will get a 0 grade and result in the worst 2 of the 3 paper scores being counted for the class grade.GradingPapers will come back with two scores; the first is for the economics, the second for the writing. Each score may range from 0 to 40. Papers may have the following marks:

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