1. Select one main article
The article can be from an academic journal/ research institute/ newspaper/ web article
Related to a microeconomic issue (topics 1-6 in the course: What is economics, Demand and supply analysis, elasticity, economic efficiency, market failure, microeconomics)
Published recently (after 2016)

2. Select supporting articles
Read through some different sources to support your analysis. These articles will provide you with
more evidence about the topic to support your arguments.

3. Identfy the key issue in your main article
Explain these key issues in your introduction

4. Outline the theory relevant to your main article
These are concepts such as supply and demand, pricing, elasticity, markets which help to
understand your main article
You might refer to the recommended textbook, course notes, or other sources to understand these
Please stick to the concepts raised in the class: (aim for an excellent explanation of these central

5. Apply your theoretical knowledge to your main article
Use diagrams and/ or primary data
You might refer to additional sources to gain insights about specific parts of the issue
Diagrams can be placed in the body of your text, not in an appendix
your choice to generate diagrams: as long as these are clear and properly labelled and captioned
anything is fine
Discuss what the theory suggests and how it is applicable in a real-life scenario
You might find that the theory does not apply very well and then you can suggest reasons
You might also find that the theory describes the issue quite well and can explain why this is
the case

6. Draw conclusions
What does your analysis reveal?
Comment on the issue, propose or critique policy, raise new questions and overall say something
about what the analysis contributes to the bigger picture
Check out `An inside look’ in the textbook for helpful examples




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