Mainframe and Client/Server Environments

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Consider the following scenario:

Your manufacturing company has operated with a mainframe IBM computer for more than 20 years. Recent technological advances have brought opportunities to replace that mainframe-based computing environment with a client/server environment. You have been tasked with responding to the senior management group about the security issues involved with replacing the existing mainframe computer environment with a client/server platform. The salespeople you deal with from each vendor believe that the current mainframe environment costs about $500K a year to maintain from a security standpoint, while a client/server environment would cost about $325K a year. But cost is not the only consideration. No PII or SPII data is contained in this manufacturing platform. It is strictly a final product for sale application.

Outline and review a typical mainframe enterprise security footprint. Do the same for a possible client/server environment. This could include the use of the cloud for distributed computing, but that would also include unique security concerns.

Discuss the following:

Based on your outline, which of these environments is more secure and why?
Does your outline show commonalities that could permit both the mainframe and the client/server environment to coexist from an enterprise security perspective? If so, what are they?


In 100 words, reply to one the discussions below. Be constructive and professional in your responses.


I know that when many computer users think of backups, it’s mainly the fear of data loss. But, going beyond personal loss of data, they don’t always think about protecting themselves from the threat of data theft. There are programs that record keystrokes from a computer session, which are called “key loggers” and it’s surprising how easy civilians can obtain these programs. There hasn’t been much in the way of precedence in the judicial system, but I imagine it could be in some way an invasion of privacy (similar to wire tapping) is a civilian installs it on their computer with the intent to find out what another user of their computer is doing when they are not around.


Based on reaserch i have come to agree that yes the cost of a Clien/Server system can and will save the bussiness large amounts of money. The cost will be cut in half while maintnecee will be slashed as well. Know which enviroment is more secure is the big questions and the answer here is both can have good security featured but in our case we would need to add security software to Clien/Server as we go. Mainframes however have a speacial approach in having speacial kind of security while storing lots more data. Client sevrers and Mainframes can work togethre in the same office and should not be a issue. The only issue with having both Client/server and mainframe is having to pay maintence on both. In all Conclusion i beilve the bussines can work better with Client server but within this time i beileve Mainframe is the best but just a upgrade to the mainframe should do just fine. With the upgrade to the mainframe we will have spent the same amount in purchasing a client/server.

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