Major retail organisation in Singapore

The assessment task is about a major retail organisation in Singapore. For this analysis, you are to select only one organisation among NTUC FairPrice Singapore (grocery retailer), Harvey Norman Singapore (electronics and assorted products retailer), Watsons Singapore (healthcare retailer), or Challenger Singapore (IT retailer). Critically analyse the organisation’s operations including its supply and value chain activities.

Prepare a report that addresses the following requirements:

  1. Briefly describes the organisation;
  2. Describes how the organisation has applied the various operations management theories to its operations;
  3. Describes the supply chain risks relevant to the organisation and potential causes of failure;
  4. Describes the major supply and value chain activities, issues and innovations used by the organisation to improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness;
  5. Discusses and recommends changes to the organisation’s operations to improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Sample Solution