Making a sequenced and a unit plan

Develop a Unit Plan and a series of five sequenced lesson plans to show that they have the knowledge, skills and capacity to plan and develop quality teaching experiences that are inclusive, ethical, and culturally sensitive and align with the HPE Australian Curriculum. Pre-service teachers need to critically reflect and plan for effective HPE teaching and learning practices, as well as evaluate, select and identify adaptations to strategies and resources based on the principals of sports pedagogy.

Part 1: Unit Plan
For this part of the assignment, you need to design a thematic unit of work based on an identified topic and strand from the HPE Australian Curriculum. The unit needs to cover four weeks work and should be presented on a maximum of 3 pages. The Unit needs to integrate aspects of both strands of the HPE Curriculum (i.e. health and movement/physical activity).

Part 2: Five Sequenced Lessons
From the Unit of work developed in Part 1, you are required to plan and design a sequence of five (1 hour) lessons. It is important that you:
• Identify the learning outcomes
• Provide clear structure to the lessons (introduction, body, conclusion)
• Ensure a flow of activities that link to HPE Pedagogy and models for planning
• Make clear links between the learning experiences
The lessons must show appropriate skills development and progression over the five lessons. The experiences need to be creative, original, challenging and student-centred, and cater to a range of learning styles. You must include quality teaching strategies (management, pedagogical approaches, teaching cues, group organisation, transitions, scaffolding, safety considerations) and integrate literacy, numeracy and ICT. A range of assessment strategies that provide feedback on achievement outcomes are also required. Please include all support materials and ensure resources and information used is referenced according to APA style.

Part 3: Critical Reflection (500 words)
Pre-service teachers complete a short critical reflection on an issue related to their unit plan or one of their lessons. It must deal specifically with examining an issue in Health and Physical Education, and it’s relevance in local, national and global contexts. Write an augmentative reflection to persuade readers of the importance of teaching your selected topic in Health and Physical Education. Discuss a range of contexts (local, national and global) and make connections to the Australian Curriculum, teaching strategies, educational theory HPE initiatives, and competing perspectives in relation to the issue.

Sample Solution