Malthusian model

1.Using the Malthusian model, explain why a one-off improvement in technology does not increase living standards in the long-run.

  1. how do the law of one price and studies of market integration shed light on the causes of the Great Divergence
  2. Explain the relationship between the EMP and the development of labor markets according to De Moor and Van Zanden.

bottow below ( 800 words each) choose one — whichever easier

  1. What is the Great Divergence debate about? What do the various sides in this debate agree and disagree about? What does the latest empirical evidence suggest about the timing of the Great Divergence?

5.What is Smithian economic growth? Provide some examples of societies that experienced Smithian economic growth. Discuss why these episodes did not give rise to sustained economic growth.

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