Summative assessment 1
Question 1
• Identify and describe ten strategies you can use to manage your time, performance, and behaviour in the work environment. (120 words)
Question 2
• If you wish to work as a manager, you will need appropriate skills and qualifications. Make a list of at least six management development activities you can participate in that would be helpful and useful. (100 words)
Question 3
• List ten things you could do to achieve a good work/ life balance. (120 words)
Question 4
• Why is it necessary for business organisations to have policies and procedures and why should employees be aware of the organisation’s policies and procedures? If necessary, conduct independent research. (250– words)
Question 5
• What are learning style preferences? (100 words)
Question 6
• List five strategies you can use to maximise your time and performance, and provide a brief description of each strategy. (120– words)

Summative assessment 2
Project 1
• Prepare a 3000-word report that explains how to manage work priorities and professional development.
The report should reflect upon the following:
1. What makes a good role model and how can I ensure that I act as a role model for employees I supervise?
2. What are the traits of an effective leader? How can these traits be developed?
3. How can I ensure that my work goals and plan are aligned to the organisation’s goals and plans?
4. How can I ensure that I meet my job responsibilities?
5. How can I measure and maintain my personal performance?
6. How can I prioritise work?
7. How can I use technology to organise and manage my work?
8. How can I ensure that I maintain a work/ life balance?
9. How can I ensure that my personal knowledge and skills meet required competency standards?
10. How can I determine my developmental needs?
11. What is my personal learning style and how can I ensure that I take advantage of learning opportunities?
12. How can I gather feedback from others about my personal performance and how can I use this feedback to improve my competence?
13. How can I use networks to increase my knowledge, gain new skills and develop relationships?
14. How can I ensure that I acquired new skills to maintain my competitive edge?
15. How can I contribute to the organisation’s competitive edge?

Summative assessment 1

Question 1
• There are a number of key provisions of relevant legislation and regulations from all levels of government that may affect aspects of business operations, such as:
1. Anti-discrimination legislation.
2. Ethical principles.
3. Codes of practice.
4. Privacy laws.
5. Financial legislation.
6. Health and safety legislation.
7. Consumer law.
8. Credit procedures legislation and regulations.
Why is it necessary to have a working knowledge of the legislation involved in business? (Answer in 150 words.)
Question 2
• What is an industry code of practice and what are the aims of such codes? Answer in (100 words).
Question 3
• What four steps need to be observed in order to successfully implement a new or modified system? Summarise each step. (100 words)
Question 4
• How can you design effective procedures? Answer in 150 words.
Summative assessment 2
Project 1
• Select an administration system that might be implemented by an organisation and complete the activities.
The systems should relate to:
o personnel management (eg a system that calculates and manages employees’ annual leave), or
o financial management (eg a system that tracks and follows-up outstanding payments), or
o data collection (eg a system that can be used to collect customers’ feedback), or
o data analysis (eg a system that can be used to analyse sales trends), or
o information sharing (eg a system that can be used to ensure that any changes to organisational procedures are communicated to all of an organisation’s departments/ staff), or
o recordkeeping (eg a system that stores customers’ information and buying history)
(1 page)
Part 1
Write an open invitation to tender for the development and supply of that system. Include:
o details of your organisation (eg who you are and what you do)
o a description of the system required
o detailed information about the system requirements
o the timeline for system implementation
o how their quotation should be submitted
o how their quotation should be formatted
o a request for details about post-purchase costs, such as technical support, maintenance and the ongoing costs of operation
o the date by which their quotation should be received
o who to contact if they need more information
Your invitation should be (2) pages long to cover the listed requirements.
Part 2
Create an action plan, to do list, checklist, flow chart or Gantt chart for the implementation of the administration system.
Your plan should be 1 page in length.
Part 3
Identify two problems that might be encountered when implementing the system and explain how these problems can be prevented and dealt with (eg contingency plans).
Each problem should be discussed in length, a minimum of 500 words to adequately explain the problem and mitigation. (500×2=1000 words)
Project 2
• Imagine you work in a café in which toast has always been made under a griller. Due to a number of staff burning themselves and customer complaints about toast being undercooked, a decision has been made that toast will now only be cooked using a toaster. Write a procedure that outlines how to make toast.
Include details about:
o why the change is being made
o what to do
o what not to do
o how to do it
o when it should be done
o who should do it
o what resources are available
o what the expected results are








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