1. Understanding technology trajectories (patterns) is useful because it can reduce uncertainty when managing innovation.
Describe the trajectory of a technology’s improvement. Why don’t some technologies reach their limit? Describe the trajectory of a technology’s diffusion. How do individual consumer differences affect it?
2. Speaking of technology diffusion and Roger’s adopter categories
GE is launching a new radical innovation, an ultra efficient refrigerator that uses magnetic refrigeration instead of refrigerants and compressors. This is a radical new product consumers have never seen before. Who should the company target its initial promotion towards? What type of message and medium should Phoenix use (i.e. how and where should they advertise)?
Would you recommend a skimming or penetration pricing strategy. Be specific and defend your answer.
3. The Washington Redskins are a professional football team. Two years ago the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) canceled their trademark registration saying it was offensive to Native Americans.
What did the Redskin’s trademark protect? What effect did the canceled registration have?
Last month the US Supreme Court ruled that that “The Slants”, and Asian-American rock band, CAN trademark their name even though it is disparaging. Do you think this will impact the Redskins?
4. BioSight was a leader in the Binocular Industry and profits from its Rangefinder Binoculars were very high. BioSight developed a new innovative computerized type of binocular and is trying to decide how to time launching this new product. What options does it have? 5. Kean University competes in the Higher Education Industry. This industry is rapidly changing, online classes are becoming more popular and student concern over price is growing.
Use Porter’s 5 Forces to assess the Higher Education Industry and Kean current external environment. 6. A good new product development process will minimize development time and control costs.
Explain how the Stage-gate process used by most companies does this.

7. The battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD technology is one example of an industry adopting a dominant design.
What is a dominant design? How do increasing returns to adoption affect whether an industry adopts a dominant design? 8. There are lots of different types of methods companies use to choose which innovation projects to pursue. Describe one QUANTITATIVE and one QUALITATIVE method. Which type of method would be best for a radical innovation? Which type of method would be best for an incremental innovation?




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